Nature’s Cavity Fighter Called Fluoride


Encouraging your child(ren) to brush their teeth twice a day and floss are all important steps to ensure your child’s smile stays healthy, happy, & cavity-free! Yet, there’s a single ingredient found in our water and our toothpaste that naturally acts as “nature’s cavity fighter.” You likely have heard of something called “fluoride” before, but may not be aware about its importance!

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that appears in most bodies of water, rocks, plants, and even some foods. We’ve come to discover that fluoride is a proven way to prevent tooth decay, so the mineral is often added to community water sources and dental products, like the toothpaste in your cabinet!

Why is fluoride important?

When we eat or drink, the bacteria in our mouths feed on sugar/starches and ultimately release acids that break down food. The problem is, these acids can also erode the enamel that protects our teeth. When enamel breaks down, that’s when tooth decay, cavities, and other oral hygiene issues can occur.

Is fluoride safe for children?

It sure is! Fluoride is safe for children in the correct dose. However, too much fluoride in early childhood can lead to fluorosis, which may result in white spots or pitting of the enamel. If you’re ever concerned about your child getting too much fluoride, please talk with a pediatric dentist at Eversmiles! We’re more than happy to help you determine the correct amount of fluoride to keep your child’s smile healthy!

Where can I find more information about fluoride?

Please view the following sources if you’re interested in learning more about fluoride:

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