When Do I Let My Kids Brush Their Own Teeth?



How do you get your kids to be excited about brushing and flossing their own teeth? At what age do you let them do it themselves?

Age 2: Spit

When they are 2 years old, you should still be brushing their teeth for them. Then, have them spit out the toothpaste and give them water to rinse their mouth with. This is teaching them to not swallow toothpaste. During this age, they will be introduced to the importance of dental hygiene!

Age 3-6: Have them brush

When your child seems ready, let them brush their teeth on their own. Of course, when they start, be with them and make sure they are brushing correctly! This is an essential stage for children to create their own habits!  Below are tips for getting them started brushing.


Once they start wanting to grab the brush on their own to feel like a big kid, let them. Allow them to brush themselves but follow up with proper techniques. At this age, they will not be able to properly brush all their teeth. That is why it is important to finish brushing for them!

On their own

Once they can tie their shoes, it is time for them to brush on their own. Tying their shoes means they have the coordination and motor skills for brushing their teeth. Take a more hands-off approach and allow them to brush on their own. Supervise and help them if they need it!

Age 8: Keep an eye on their brushing

At this age, your child should be brushing on their own confidently. Remind them to be doing it twice a day and floss. Occasionally observe how they are doing and make sure they are brushing long enough. Make sure they are brushing for two minutes and not brushing too long on one side. Remind them to equally spend time on each side.

They will get better as they get older

Keep checking in and making sure they are keeping up with their habits. It is easy to slip out of the habit, so that is why it is important to check in and remind them about proper brushing habits!

Proper habits:

  • Use small circular motions
  • Brush all sides of teeth and gums
  • Brush backward and forwards
  • Brush for 2 minutes

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